A leading provider of parent education workshops

Moving Forward is a parent education workshop, developed and led by licensed therapists with expertise in the divorce field. We have been leading programs since 2000. The program has been developed to assist parents in moving through the difficult process of divorce in a way that will have the least negative impact on their children.

In Massachusetts, divorcing parents of dependent children are required by law to take parent education classes. Our workshops are court-approved and provide a certificate of participation upon completion.



our mission: to help you reduce the effects of divorce on your children

At the end of a workshop, parents will gain:

  • Concrete tools to assist with co-parenting

  • Knowledge of specific behaviors to assist their children in coping with divorce

  • Increased understanding of practical ways to communicate with their children so they will listen

  • Increased knowledge of communication skills to help resolve conflict

We also offer tips on how to start a new life, as well as how to help your children.

Thank you so much for all your wisdom on how to get through this difficult time and how to make sure that it is an easy adjustment for my children.
— Anon

What to Expect

Classes take place in a supportive environment. Come together with other parents in your situation and learn new skills for life during and beyond divorce. We discuss conflict resolution skills, self care and strategies for parenting under these new circumstances. You can ask questions, or quietly take in the sessions. We value your participation but it is not necessary to receive a certificate.

Light refreshments are served.


How to Prepare

We start each session asking you what you would like to get out of the class. You may want to come with a pen and paper to take notes. We understand these classes are court-mandated, and this may not have been how you wanted to spend your weekend. It is our objective to make this time worthwhile to you.

Please come with an open mind

Our participants frequently tell us how appreciative they are over the value they got out of this time.