Tips to start a new life

Tips to start a new life


Starting a new life is a big change. The tips below will help you make a smooth transition.

  • Make changes slowly. Allow time to adjust.

  • Take an inventory of your strengths. Don't believe that the failure of your marriage makes you a failure.

  • Live in the present. Strive to be positive.

  • Let positive people into your life. Share your feelings with them in order to gain the support you need.

  • Develop old and new interests.

  • Take charge of your life—make your own decisions. Don't get caught up in the blame game.

  • Prolonged stress can reduce the immune system's effectiveness and lead to a variety of symptoms. Minimize prolonged stress through self-care:

    • Good nutrition, plenty of rest, and moderate exercise.

    • Doing relaxing activities

    • Connect with supportive people.


Your children

Some important messages you can give them

advice on how to deal with children during divorce

  • Important messages

  • What children need

  • How to talk to your kids

Important Messages to Give Your Children

Tell your children:

  • "I love you. I will always be available."

  • "It's not your fault."

  • That feelings are okay. It's not wrong to feel sad, angry, etc. as well as to miss and love both parents.

  • Actions must be controlled.

What Children Need

Children need:

  • To have a positive relationship with both parents.

  • To have their parents communicate directly so they are not trapped in the middle.

  • To avoid hearing one parent criticize the other.

  • To have private time with each parent weekly.

How to Talk to Your Kids

You should:

  • Listen attentively. Make eye contact.

  • Acknowledge the child's feelings without trying to fix them. Example: "It sounds like you are angry," instead of, "Cheer up. Don't be upset."

  • Give the child his wishes in fantasy. Example: "I wish I could make that come true for you."

  • Remember all feelings are to be accepted and respected even though certain actions must not be tolerated